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Stop Over 5 A.M.

In transit. Neither here nor there. The place is familiar. It could be any airport, or shopping mall. The brands and signs are familiar, yet there are hints of another world. Another script, another landscape through the windows. Travelling, in an unfamiliar place, on the way somewhere. The planes wait to take us there. Arrival time. What is the time here? Night time? Dawn? Not the same as where I came from. If it were the same as where I’m going, I’d reset my watch. Time means nothing here. Nothing happens. Just wait. Only one thing will happen: the flight will leave, with me or without me. Departure time. Watch the clock. Everything depends on it.   Text Richard Mohr & John Storey To see another joint project between Storey and Mohr, click here.

New project in progress

Creatures: Images of Animals at the Zoo.

All images in this project are the copyright of the Melbourne Zoos.