Hong Kong

Hong Kong Street, 2005

Helen Frajman

Helen Frajman.  A major Melbourne based publisher who has over recent years established the electric publishing group, M33 and has published many contemporary photographers who express highly innovative, diverse qualities of the image.

Irretrievable Light

 Brett Martin, B.A. (Library Science), Charles Sturt University

Brett Martin has been a colleague for many years and is a strong photographic artist. This new venture is an adept and poignant, yet quite unsentimental, small film of his father’s documentation of his childhood.  A theme pursued by others, in many forms, however few achieve the sense of place and the essence of a childhood that is found in this work. In 2014 he published a novel, Marion, which is a strong investigation of life in early rural Tasmania.

Marion, Oak Publishing; Tasmania, 2014.

 Stills Photo Co Op

This is a new group of talented photographic image makers who have joined into a cooperative for the presentation of diverse and innovative work that is aimed at projects that reflect a contemporary art base that is of social importance and cultural relevance. Exhibitions began in 2014 and will continue along with projects of  significance.

Greg Wayn, Production & Design

Greg has generously continued the work, and skills, of Michael Brand with different insights as Michael needed to return to his hectic life of teaching and image making. Both people are highly skilled, experienced and are at the leading edge of contemporary digital photo imaging.

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Michael Brand, Visual Consultant and Production, B.A., (Photography), RMIT.

Master of Arts, Research, (Photography), RMIT.


Michael Brand has been at the forefront of digital imaging since his Bachelors and Masters degrees. In recent years he has balanced teaching photo-imaging, his own art practice and commercial work. He brings a deep knowledge of digital imaging, from it’s early emergence, to its predominate contemporary placement. Significantly he understands the transition from an analogue world to the present practices.