Hong Kong Patina


  • Hong Kong Exhibition 2005

This exhibition was created from a trip to Hong Kong for just ten days so the term Patina was chosen for it often refers to a surface colouration on an object that is very thin. The images I took were just images that talked of my brief journey to a city I had never been to before: a surface view. This is not a problem if that is made clear so the images reflect my experience of the visual characteristics of Hong Kong. While we may look to avoid clichés the fresh imagery that confronts you is overwhelming in its richness, cultural distance and so many other ways. This is a gentle remembrance of an intense trip, not the tourist’s blinkered view that the author Robert Dessaix commented on in regard to the tourist view. Indeed this was extensively researched and written about in the many books of Edward Said who used the word ‘Orientalism’ to describe the romanticised past English ideas regarding the region named the Orient.

Yet as Dessaix gently went on to remark  –   the traveller may more humbly seek refreshment.

These images undoubtedly show an expressive Hong Kong; importantly they express a visiting photographer’s view.