Images Of Manhood

Images of Manhood — an unfinished project.

This series began in 1984 and formed the starting point for a much larger project, so reluctantly this was put aside. It was intended to present an open, broadly selected group of men. The aim was to represent a larger understanding of Australian / East coast centred images of men that went far wider in the presentation of men at that time. The decades from WW 11 have seen great changes in gender based, cultural images of both women and men yet it seems that primarily the representations were driven by cultural conservatism, the advertising world and the nature of media at the time. Of course this is a reduced list of forces yet it represents some major influences, in recent times the list has grown, the digital revolution is possibly a central element both for conservative influences and progressive change.

This is best explained in the brochure printed in 1985, just two images are shown as this was a work at the beginning stages.